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The Light Project e.V.

South Africa is a fascinating country on the southern tip of Africa with dreamlike landscapes and multifaceted cultures. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994 the country has drastically changed politically. The new constitution is one of the most advanced worldwide. Nonetheless, unlike any other country South Africa is a country of extreme social differences clashing with each other. The rapid growth of population, poverty, unemployment, crime and HIV/ Aids are a formidable challenge for government and society.

The townships of Cape Town are populated with millions of people living largely in the most miserable and pathetic living conditions. Approx. half of the population are children and adolescents below 17 years of age. Two thirds of the people are without work or only having occasional jobs. Organized gang crime, drug abuse and child abuse are part of daily life. In 2003 Barbara Bruinier, on her own initiative had first contacts with women in townships of Cape Town resulting in the start of the supporting project. In 2005 the organization The Light Project e.V. was established by Barbara Bruinier and Doris Bleeser.

The Light Project e.V. is getting involved with the townships of Cape Town with two objectives:

  1. Supporting women who are producing curio art in order to generate income for themselves and their families.
  2. Sponsoring the setting-up of kindergartens thereby breaking the fatal cycle of poverty and violence and by providing children with a perspective at an early stage.


Even 20 years after the end of Apartheid a large part of the black and colored population of South Africa is still suffering in great poverty. In many cases women are the major provider of their families. The Light Project e.V. wants to support their efforts by improving their standards of living. The curio art handcrafted and homemade by the women is being sold by club members on craft and/ or other markets and events in Munich, Germany and the greater Munich area.

With the proceeds from the sales the organization is supporting the kindergartens in the townships which are in desperate need of basics. The children are in need of healthy nutrition, good toys, mattrasses and blankets for after-lunch sleep and proper sanitary installations. It is the aim of the organization to contribute. 

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